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Green Textile MEDIUM
Green Textile MEDIUM
Green Textile MEDIUM

Green Textile MEDIUM

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Made of cotton, size medium.

Each mask is made to fit as a contour shape, is fully lined with a filter pocket, and has adjustable ear loop elastics. All are lined with cotton. 

Remember that these are not factory made, but carefully handmade by Mae La Roux, so they will have that special homemade magic. Though I keep my work space clean, they are created in a cat friendly home, so if you have an allergy I suggest hand washing in cold water and gentle soap before wearing. 

Each mask comes with loosely tied off elastic for the ear loops so you are able to create the desired length to fit you best. Loosely tie at the desired length before tying tight and test the fit. It is hard to untie once pulled tightly. 

Some masks come in a medium or large size.  The masks are flexible in sizing depending on how you want it to sit in your face.  It is suggested that it sits at the bridge of your nose to the bottom of your chin. 

Size medium is just a smidge over 5” long approximately. 
Size large is just a smidge over 6” long approximately. 

All prints will vary in placement per mask and will not appear exactly as pictured. 

Due to the nature of this item, they are non returnable. 

I am not a medical professional, nor can I make any suggestions or medical claims.  Fabric masks are not 100% effective against the contraction of Covid-19 or other viruses, but help reduce the risk.  
Green Textile MEDIUM